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    Insights to help startups become better prepared for business and fund raising.





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  • Get ready for fund raising.

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    Why you should read this book


    Entrepreneurs need to be well prepared before meeting investors

    Many startups start reaching out to investors before they know how to make a sound and compelling investment case for their business, and how to articulate that. Often, even strong entrepreneurs with good ideas never get a foot in the door or catch an investor's attention because they have not been able to present a compelling case to investors.


    This book is designed to help founders understand what they need to be prepared with to get interest from investors.



    For a startup to be successful, several things have to go right. But for it to not succeed, just one of those many things has to go wrong.

    The risks are stacked up against you. This book’s attempt is to help entrepreneurs think through different aspects of their business, so that they do not miss out on anything that will need to work in sync to give the startup a better chance of success.


    The more you think through the different aspects, the more you discuss with people, and the more you are able to get validation on your assumptions, the better your chances of success.

  • Prajakt Raut

    Managing Partner - Caret Capital  (Formerly called Supply Chain Labs)

    Ex Head of Operations of Indian Angel Network and Asia Director TiE.

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    On a mission to create 100,000 entrepreneurs.


    Prajakt has over 30 years of multi-faceted experience as an entrepreneur, professional, startup eco-system builder, mentor and investor.


    Prajakt is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Caret Capital (Formerly called Supply Chain Labs) - a Venture Capital Fund focused on startups recalibrating India's value chain. He was also the co-founder of Applyifi, a company that provides startups access to capital + deep-engaged mentoring,


    Previously, Prajakt was head of operations at Indian Angel Network and Asia Director for The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). He also co-founded Orange Cross and was a founding member of Idealake Technologies. Prajakt is a core team member of Excelerate, a global network of acomplished individuals committed to the cause of helping startups and corporates discover each other.


    In his teens, Prajakt started a printing business, which his family continues to run. Prajakt also spent 10 years in marketing and advertising agencies handling marquee brands across Asia.


    Prajakt’s book, ‘Starting Up & Fund Raising’, helps entrepreneurs understand the perspective of investors and the building blocks of a business.


    Prajakt blogs on The Hub for Startups and on prajaktraut.medium.com.


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  • A big thank you to...

    All the entrepreneurs whose stories and my interactions with them have helped shaped this book.


    All my mentors who provided me their perspectives that helped me sharpen mine. Most importantly among them Raj Desai, Sridar Iyengar and Pravin Gandhi whose contributions to my life have been invaluable.


    All investors who believed in me and my co-founder when we were building Orange Cross. They lost money in my venture, and yet they encouraged and supported the honesty and passion with which we pursued our dreams. We remain eternally indebted to people like Sandeep Sinha, Rohit Bhayana, Sridar Iyengar, Pravin Gandhi and Ashutosh Garg whose support in the low days of our entrepreneurial journey kept us going.


    My brother Bakul whose life journey should be an inspiration to everyone.


    Vanya, my daughter, who is the reason for whatever I do in life.


    Most importantly for this book, to Ritika, who has tolerated my working style for long, and who has read and re-read the draft of this book several times. If you like the message in the book, it is because of Ritika’s inputs and editing to make the messaging sharper.


    And of course, what I am and who I am is because of the values and experiences I got from my parents when I was growing up.